Family Voices – Call for participants

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Family Voices

Family Voices - Call for participants

Background information

CHANGE: Childcare and Nurture Glasgow East is a project working in Calton, Bridgeton, Parkhead, Dalmarnock, Tollcross and West Shettleston. Our role is to help develop services for children and families in these areas. More information on the project can be found on our website

Family Voices, Glasgow East is a part of the project that will help us to share families’ views on childcare and other services in the area.

The CHANGE project is managed by the national charity, Children in Scotland (CiS). We will be using CiS equipment for this and we will be following CiS policies in how we manage your data.

How will it work?

CHANGE staff will ask you some questions about childcare and we will record your answers using audio recording equipment.

We will create an audio track using these soundbites that we will share at local and national events. We won’t use any information that could identify you but we might give a general example of your circumstances. E.g. “Mum, with two children who attend nursery”.

We won’t edit anything that you say but we might edit the soundbite to make it better quality by removing background noise or fixing other issues that make the sound clearer.

We think that Family Voices will help us to show what families living in the East End of Glasgow need from services in the area and why it is important that high quality, affordable childcare is available.

How do I take part?

If you would be interested in taking part in this project please contact our Project Officer, Anthony O’Malley on 07414610096 or email