Early learning & childcare documents

Exploring parents' views and use of Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland

An overview (August 2018) of findings from a large-scale study to explore the views of parents and carers with children under six across Scotland, to inform the expansion of the Early Learning and Childcare programme.

Early learning and childcare

A report by Audit Scotland (February 2018) on the Scottish Government's ambition to double early learning and childcare hours by August 2020.

Early learning and childcare: 1,140 hours

A report (August 2017) on the current state of childminding services in Scotland to deliver funded early learning and childcare to eligible two year olds.

Everyone’s Children: The Third Sector Role in Early Learning and Childcare in Glasgow

A report compiled by the Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector (GCVS) looking at ELC sector developments in Glasgow.

An Independent Review of the Scottish Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) Workforce and Out of School Care (OSC) Workforce

An independent review of the skills, qualifications and status of the childcare workforce in Scotland.

Financial Review of Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland: The Current Landscape

A report providing an overview of the funding for current ELC statutory entitlement of 600 hours.

Early Learning and Childcare 1140 Hours Expansion – Programme of Trials Analysis of Responses to Scottish Government Discussion Paper

Analysis of responses to Scottish Government consultation and discussion round the expansion to 1140 hours

A Blueprint for 2020: Expansion of Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland Consultation

A report from the Scottish Government on consultations and action plans for the extension of ELC entitlement in 2020.

Play and environment resources

Space to Grow - Design guidance for early learning and childcare and out of school care settings

Care Inspectorate guidance on the design of daycare of children services, including use of outdoor space.

My World Outdoors

Care Inspectorate best practice guidance for use of outdoor play in daycare of children services.

International research

Health Care & Community Engagement in Alaska

A short article looking at the Nuka System of Care from Alaska.

Early Childhood Education and Care and Poverty paper by Eva Lloyd and Sylvia Potter

An academic working paper exploring the links between poverty and deprivation and childcare provision.