Family Voices, Glasgow East

During the first two years of the CHANGE project we spoke to more than 150 families living in the East End of Glasgow to gather their views on childcare.  A summary of what we heard can be found here

Between June and September 2018 we carried out some short interviews with parents, carers and grandparents from the area to create the Family Voices, Glasgow East audio tracks. We covered many of the topics that we heard about during the first 2 years of the project and in these clips you can hear families talking about their experience of childcare in the East End of Glasgow.

Click on the tabs below to access short audio tracks about each subject.

Families have told us that childcare can be expensive. Here, you will hear about what this means for families and the impact it can have on them.

We have heard that difficulties getting information is often the first barrier to accessing childcare. Here, you will hear how parents have overcome this and what changes would help.

We know that availability of childcare can be an issue and some services have waiting lists. Here, families tell us about how this affects them.

Families told us that sometimes services are not as flexible as they need, although some found their service to be very good at being flexible.  

We’ve heard a lot about strong relationships between staff and children and staff and parents and carers. Families told us about how important this was to them.

It is clear that there are many high quality childcare services in the East End of Glasgow. Here, families tell us about the benefits their children get from accessing childcare.