Following an engagement process with families to understand the barriers and challenges they faced in accessing childcare and family support, it was decided that a hub of services would be established – this would be known as the CHANGE Hub. The CHANGE Hub’s purpose is to lead change at a local level addressing the barriers that families told the project they have experienced when trying to access childcare. These include the prohibitive costs of childcare, lack of flexibility of hours, being unable access to information easily locally and feelings of isolation.

In March 2018 the first CHANGE Hub meeting took place in TICTACS Afterschool in St Serf’s Church in Shettleston with a cross-sector membership of 10 individuals representing 7 organisations. Since this the CHANGE Hub has gained momentum and grown to 37 individuals representing 26 organisations.

The CHANGE Hub was nominated in the ‘Most Inspiring or Innovative Project’ category at the Quality Improvement Awards 2019. You can watch the Hub’s nomination video below.

From the outset, the CHANGE Hub has put the improvement methodology supported by the Children and Young People Improvement Collaborative into practice. Collectively the membership developed a driver diagram which focused the improvement work by providing consistent, regular data-driven summaries on where the progress was at in relation to the secondary drivers and associated measures of impact. This has led to tangible progress and measurable change in the project area.

Key areas of development that the CHANGE Hub have focussed on include:

Emergency Childcare and Family Support – alongside local parents and practitioners we have identified a need for crisis playgroups. The role of this service would be to support families in crisis by facilitating access to short-term emergency childcare that allows parents and carers to take care of things during a crisis, like attending important appointments, for instance.

Plot to Plate – a key area of focus for the CHANGE Hub has been increasing families’ access to affordable healthy food locally. This stream of work has led to the development of Plot to Plate, a club for local families that offers the opportunity to build relationships through growing, cooking and eating together. Established through the CHANGE Hub, this is a partnership project led by Nigel Denby, dietitian, and Greenheart Growers.

The CHANGE Hub has also played an important role in supporting other aspects of the CHANGE project work, such as the development of Childminding and Community Childminding and Out of School Care.

In the final months of the CHANGE project, CHANGE Hub members indication that they would like to see the Hub continue after completion of the CHANGE project in December 2020. The project team have supported the transition of the CHANGE Hub over to the Glasgow North East Childcare Forum, where it will join their existing suite of forums.

If you’d like to find out more about the ongoing work of the Hub please contact Colin Agnew at