CHANGE Bulletin 8th December 2017

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CHANGE Weekly Bulletin 8th December 2017

Our penultimate bulletin of the year will be the first of two looking back on our activities and progress in 2017.

This year in CHANGE: Childcare and Nurture Glasgow East – Part 1


The project team was made up of Children in Scotland staff and experienced some changes to personnel as 2017 progressed. Project Director, Jackie Brock and Project Manager, Sally Cavers provided leadership throughout the year with Policy and Participation Officer, Sarah McDermott, leading on community engagement. Anthony O’Malley joined the team as Project Officer in July and developed our approach to working with groups who may have experienced barriers to inclusion in childcare consultations previously. Sarah moved on in September as she left the team to take up another position within Children in Scotland. Alison Hay was recently recruited to the team as Policy and Participation Officer. Alison brings valuable experience of working in a range of training and development roles in early learning and childcare across the third sector and local authorities.

The CHANGE project board met for the first time at the end of 2016 and has continued to meet quarterly throughout 2017. The board is made up of the CHANGE project team and representatives from a range of project partners including Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Centre for Population Health, NHS Health Improvement and Thriving Places.

Board meetings have allowed the project team to update our partners on the work being done to ensure the successful implementation of our action plan for meeting the CHANGE objectives. The input and feedback received from our partners has helped shape the work of the project team and provided strong links with wider professional networks, which has supported us to carry out our community engagement work with childcare services and the families using them in Glasgow East.

The CHANGE team is very grateful for all the help and support we have received this year and would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the project board for their contributions.


Community Engagement

Regular readers, or those who follow the project on social media, will be aware of the level of community engagement work we have carried out this year. One of the underpinning principles of CHANGE is ensuring that we work with the communities of Glasgow East to find out what families need from childcare services. In the first half of 2017 we spoke to 69 parents and carers and 30 children and young people to ask them about their experiences of childcare , as well as their opinions on what they would like from services in future. A detailed account of our learning from this is available on the CHANGE website here. In the second half of the year we looked at how we could ensure we were speaking to a wide range of families with a focus on those that may have barriers to inclusion in consultation activities or access to childcare. We have been helped in this by several organisations including the Scottish Commission for Learning Disabilities, Families Need Fathers Scotland, Scottish Refugee Council, Glasgow East Integration Network, Glasgow North East Foodbank and Rathbone TOPS. This work will continue in 2018 as we continue to establish what families need from childcare in Glasgow East.

We have also worked with childcare providers that are established in the area and have discussed what is needed to support expansion of services. It has been helpful for us to be invited to some of the local childcare forums to talk to managers and senior staff from a variety of services across the public, private and third sectors and to share the views we have gathered from families with them. We will continue to build on these relationships throughout year two of the project.


Next week

In part two of our 2017 review we will look at how CHANGE is being evaluated, talk about the links we have built with local and national networks and highlight some of the other services available for children and families in Glasgow East.