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CHANGE Weekly Bulletin 27 September 2019



The week saw the CHANGE Hub meet for the first time since the announcement that it has been nominated for a Quality Improvement Award (For more on this see our bulletin from 13/9 here). Filming took place at the meeting for a short video that will provide an overview of the work being done by the Hub, which will be made available on the Children and Young People’s Improvement Collaborative (CYPIC) website. We will provide a link to this video when it has been published.

At this week’s meeting, which was held at Parkhead Schoolhouse, the group heard a presentation from Martin Courtney of the Scottish Cot Death Trust about its Safe Sleep Scotland initiative. Following this, the group split into small working groups to look at the progress of the tests of change involving community food provision, family support and accessible information on childcare and other services. Using the CYPIC improvement methodology, the working groups identified areas of concern and how they could use their individual or organisational influence to overcome these.

At previous Hub meetings, there has been discussion on how the information sharing and networking carried out at meetings can be continued when CHANGE comes to an end after September 2020. One option currently being explored is the creation of a shared digital resource that could be managed by Hub members. At this week’s meeting, the group began to map the digital resources currently being used by each organisation. We will use this to develop our thinking on what might be possible and what might need to be done in order to take this work forward.

Healthier Futures Forum

CHANGE was represented at the Glasgow Centre for Population Health’s (GCPH) Healthier Futures Forum 24 event this week. Our Project Officer, Anthony O’Malley, provided some reflection and a response to the keynote speakers, Prof. John Devaney and Dr. Angela O’Hagan. Anthony’s comments were based on his professional experience in registered childcare and also drew on some of the learning from CHANGE. This included the need to value the professionals who are delivering high-quality childcare and the importance of recognising the depth of the relationships that often exist between small community organisations and families.

The event also saw the launch of A summary of childcare in the east end of Glasgow by Dr. Mairi Young. This paper analyses the childcare provision within the CHANGE project area as part of the evaluation of the project by GCPH. You can read more about this and access the full report here.

Thank you

Followers of CHANGE on Twitter may have noticed a very special thank you that we posted this week. Fiona Crawford, Consultant in Public Health for GCPH, retired this past Wednesday. Fiona, who led the evaluation of CHANGE, has been a crucial part of our work and we are very grateful for her insights and advice over the last three years. The project team would like to thank Fiona for all of her help and guidance. We wish her well in her retirement.

Children and families' sector news

GCVS workshops and new funding stream launched

The Glasgow Communities Fund (GCF), which replaces the Integrated Grants Fund (IGF), is now open for applications. CHANGE is aware that many of the third sector services we are engaging with have previously drawn funding from the IGF and will now be considering applications to the GCF, which closes on 20 October for applications for funding in 2020/21.

The Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector (GCVS) is hosting a series of capacity building and support workshops related to funding applications over the coming weeks and months. GCVS is urging any third sector groups who intent to apply for GCF, or any other grant funding, to take advantage of these free events.

You can find more details on the GCF here and a list of all the GCVS events and training here


CHANGE Knowledge Exchange

The third CHANGE Knowledge Exchange will take place on Tuesday 29 October. Over the course of the day we will hear from a range of speakers, many of whom will carry out interactive presentations where participation will be encouraged. The key learning aims for the day are:

  • Sharing the story of the CHANGE project
  • Hearing from other organisations, with opportunities to network and share examples of good practice
  • Exploring how the learning from CHANGE can be applied in a local, regional or national context
  • Discussions and exercises that will support the development of a call to action on what can be done to support children and families.

We’re expecting contributions from a range of organisations including Children in Scotland, Members of the CHANGE Hub, the Children and Young People’s Improvement Collaborative, Playbusters, Parkhead Youth Project, the Glasgow Centre for Population Health, the team developing A Local Information Service for Scotland and Nigel Denby, Nutritionist.

Places at the event can be booked on the Children in Scotland website here.

Contribute to CHANGE

We welcome and encourage input from anyone who has an interest in childcare or community wellbeing in Glasgow East. If you’d like to discuss this with a member of the CHANGE team please contact our Project Officer, Anthony O’Malley, or our Policy and Participation Officer, Alison Hay, Both Anthony and Alison are based in Glasgow East at least four days per week and are happy to chat to anyone who feels they have something to contribute to the project.