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CHANGE Bulletin 25 February 2021


The CHANGE project officially finished in December 2020. Led by Children in Scotland, CHANGE was funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. The project was extended by 17 months from the original award to allow us to secure more of a legacy locally. Project partners included Glasgow City Council, the Health and Social Care Partnership and Glasgow Centre for Population Health.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed their thoughts and time to the CHANGE project since its launch in 2016. The project team have thoroughly enjoyed working in the East End of Glasgow alongside local people and partners. We are grateful to everyone for all of the experiences and knowledge that they’ve shared.


Following discussions with members, we are delighted to announce that the CHANGE Hub will be continuing to operate. The Glasgow North East Childcare Forum have been a committed member of the CHANGE Hub and we are delighted that they will be taking the lead moving forward. The CHANGE Hub will now be included in the suite of forums hosted by Glasgow North East Childcare Forum, which will allow Hub members to continue to drive forward the identified priorities. Thank you to Lee Urquhart who will be continuing to offer support in her role as an Improvement Adviser at the Children and Young People Improvement Collaborative.

CHANGE final report and animation

The CHANGE team were delighted to publish the project’s final report in February 2021. This was accompanied by a short animation titled We Know What We Need. The animation shares the key messages around childcare that local people have shared with CHANGE since 2016. It raises awareness of the ongoing challenges and barriers faced by both local families and organisations, whilst celebrating the East End of Glasgow and the people who live and work there.

The CHANGE final report is available here. It offers a more in-depth review of the project, including a detailed insight into the approach taken by the project team as well as what was learned and developed in response.

Six infographics were also produced that highlight the learning from key areas of the project. You can access and download these here.