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CHANGE Weekly Bulletin 22nd March 2019


Out of school care

For some time we have been discussing the low number of out of school care (OSC) places available in our project area. There is a particular issue in and around Parkhead, with providers currently being located more than 2 miles away from schools in this area. This means that the providers have to meet the cost of using minibus transport and that families can also face the additional cost of having to use public transport to collect or drop off children.

During our engagement work with OSC services across our project area, it became clear that there is a supply and demand issue affecting many services. All of the services are full or only have very limited part-time spaces available. We have also heard from families that accessing an OSC place can sometimes be difficult, especially if cover is needed for the whole week.

Taking all of this learning into account, we believe that clear evidence of demand for an additional OSC service located in the Parkhead area is emerging. Over the next few months the CHANGE team will be engaging further with a number of community partners, OSC providers and local families to help formulate a plan for establishing a new OSC service in this area. If you think you can contribute to these discussions, or would like to discuss any aspect of this work, please contact Anthony O’Malley using the details at the bottom of this bulletin.



Another issue that our regular readers will be aware of is the shortage of Childminding services in our project area. There is currently a very small number of Childminders operating within the CHANGE boundary and we are now working in partnership with the Scottish Childminding Association (SCMA) and others to address this.

The first example of this is our participation in a project being led by Clyde Gateway, with additional input from Jobs and Business Glasgow, to increase the number of Childminders operating within their boundary. CHANGE and SCMA are currently overseeing an awareness raising strategy and distributing a survey to investigate some of the issues surrounding the lack of Childminders in more detail. The survey is available in hard copy from local libraries along with some nurseries and schools. You can also request copies for your organisation from the CHANGE team if you are working with families living in the Clyde Gateway area who might want to contribute to this. A digital version of the survey is available online here

In addition to the work with Clyde Gateway, we will continue to work with SCMA to increase the number of Childminders who are operating across other communities in the CHANGE area.

Children and families' sector news

Care Inspectorate publication & updates

The Care Inspectorate has published A Review of Care Services for Early Learning and Childcare 2014-2017. The report, which you can download here, highlights several key findings that are in line with practice that CHANGE has observed across services in our area. In particular, children spending an increasing amount of time outdoors and the general high-quality of services are both evident across many of the nursery and out of school care services we are working with.

The Care Inspectorate also relaunched its Hub website this week with an overhaul of content and accessibility at the core of this. Services will now find it easier to find documents and publications, including best practice guidance, that are best suited to the service they are delivering. You can access the site here

Contribute to CHANGE

We welcome and encourage input from anyone who has an interest in childcare or community wellbeing in Glasgow East. If you’d like to discuss this with a member of the CHANGE team please contact our Project Officer, Anthony O’Malley, or our Policy and Participation Officer, Alison Hay, Both Anthony and Alison are based in Glasgow East at least four days per week and are happy to chat to anyone who feels they have something to contribute to the project.