CHANGE Bulletin 21st September 2017

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CHANGE Weekly Bulletin

Knowledge Exchange

As the first year of CHANGE draws to a close, it is time for the project team and our partners to reflect on our learning. Our Knowledge Exchange event is an opportunity for anyone who has an interest in developing childcare services, in Glasgow East and beyond, to hear about what we’ve learned so far.

A key part of this will be our findings from the first year of community engagement activities. These are the views of people living in Glasgow East with a focus on what they want from childcare services in the area and what ingredients are missing at the moment.

There will also be input from our partners at the Glasgow Centre for Population Health on what we know about the population of Glasgow East and their life circumstances. Further discussion will follow, centred on data they have collected during the course of the project.

Relationship-building has been important for CHANGE and we are delighted to have input from another project working in the same area. Scotland’s Children’s Neighbourhood will be represented at the event with a presentation from Nancy Clunie, head teacher of Dalmarnock Primary and Lizzie Leman, knowledge exchange and impact fellow.

While Scotland plays host to a constantly evolving childcare landscape, consideration has been given to the wider implications of the CHANGE project. Heather Douglas, head of Early Years at Glasgow City Council will be on hand to discuss the expansion of Early Learning and Childcare entitlement and what is being done in Glasgow to meet this challenge.

The day will be rounded off with discussions and case studies of best practice from a range of childcare organisations. Nikki Black, head of Parkhead Community Nursery will share her experiences of engaging with families in the project area. The event will conclude with talks on engaging with families and use of outdoor space from One Parent Families Scotland and Inspiring Scotland, respectively.

Bookings can still be made by calling our events team on 0131 313 8828 or on the Children in Scotland website here