Core aims

To grow childcare services that best support children and their families and to include local residents in the design of these

To support the provision of additional childcare places in Glasgow East for children aged 0-12

To create a model that can be used for other areas to learn from

CHANGE: Childcare and Nurture Glasgow East was a partnership project, led by Children in Scotland, which worked with communities in the East End of Glasgow between 2016-2020. The work of the project, which was funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, was been informed by community engagement and relationship building with children, families, professionals and organisations across the project area.

The CHANGE project developed a number of areas of focus. These included:

  • Childminding and Community Childminding
  • Emergency childcare and family support
  • Growing and food work
  • Out of school care

The work was underpinned by the CHANGE Hub, which is a network of professionals working in a range of services across the project area, supported by the Children and Young People Improvement Collaborative. The Hub carried out tests of change involving low-cost food provision, access to information for families and the impact of mental health support on the uptake of holiday provision.

The map below shows the areas covered by CHANGE. Click to enlarge.

The CHANGE project concluded in December 2020, with a final report, infographics and animation with key findings released in February 2021. These resources share the learning from community engagement and explain what the project team and partners did in response.

The animation, titled We Know What We Need, highlights the key messages around childcare that local people shared with CHANGE since 2016. It raises awareness of the ongoing challenges and barriers faced by both local families and organisations, whilst celebrating the East End of Glasgow and the people who live and work there. 

The CHANGE final report offers a more in depth review of the project from its conception to conclusion. It includes a detailed insight into the approach taken by the project team as well as what was learned and developed in response. Six infographics were also produced that highlight the learning from key areas of the project.

You can access all of these resources here.

If you’d like to find out more about CHANGE, please contact:

Sally Cavers