Core Aims

To grow childcare services that best support children and their families and to include local residents in the design of these

Using this growth we will support the provision of additional childcare places in Glasgow East for children aged 0-12

To create a model that can be used for other areas to learn from

CHANGE: Childcare and Nurture Glasgow East is a partnership project, led by Children in Scotland, which has been working with communities in the East End of Glasgow since October 2016. The work of the project, which is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, has been informed by community engagement and relationship building with children, families, professionals and organisations across our project area.

CHANGE’s current focus is on supporting the expansion of the following services across our project area:

  • Childminding and Community Childminding
  • Out of school care
  • Childcare for children aged 0-2, including services providing family support

In addition to the expansion of services, CHANGE is aiming to raise the profile of registered childcare and other services that provide opportunities for children.

The work being done by the project staff is underpinned by the CHANGE Hub, which is a network of professionals working in a range of services across the project area, supported by the Children and Young People’s Improvement Collaborative. The Hub is currently carrying out some small tests of change involving low-cost food provision, access to information for families and the impact of mental health support on the uptake of holiday provision.

We believe that the only way to get services that work for communities is to listen to people from the community.  We want to hear from parents and carers, children, families and the wider community, including childcare services, to find out what needs to change.

Our Senior Policy Officer, Alison Hay, is available to meet with anyone who wishes to contribute their views about CHANGE or childcare in Glasgow East.  Alison is based in Glasgow Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday each week within Parkhead Schoolhouse, Parkhead.  Please contact or call 07472066448 to arrange a chat.

We will listen to what you tell us and make recommendations, and explore what is possible with Glasgow City Council.  Anything you tell us will be anonymised unless you explicitly tell us otherwise, and we will endeavour to take out any identifying information.

At the end of three years there will be more childcare places being utilised in Glasgow East and childcare services in the area will better meet families’ needs.

This project will also make sure there is better information for parents and families about what childcare is available and how you can find out more about accessing this.

The map below shows the areas covered by CHANGE.  Click to enlarge.